How to pick a reliable motorcycle lock
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Before learning how to pick a reliable motorcycle lock, Xiaobian first said how to be a quality motorcycle lock. The requirement for a good lock is to lock the overall anti-saw, anti-pliers, and anti-big hammer. Lock the key to prevent the master key and prevent the pistol from turning. These have been done, then this motorcycle lock can basically prevent your car from being stolen.

In addition, how to pick a reliable motorcycle lock, Xiaobian and four strokes for everyone to use as a reference for the selection of locks. The first trick: buy a lock to see the "teeth" of the key. The more teeth, the deeper the teeth, the more complicated the arrangement, the more difficult it is to open, and the better the anti-theft performance.

The second measure: when choosing a motorcycle lock, it is said that the weight is two, one is the weight of the second to see the lock core. The heavier the weight, the better the quality of the lock cylinder. The more beads in the lock cylinder, the better the anti-theft function and the more reliable.

The third measure: When choosing a motorcycle lock, it is necessary to look at the color of the lock cylinder, and at the same time look at the work compared to the color. Generally good quality motorcycle locks, the lock core is electroplated, the surface is smooth, and the color is bright. Among them, the color is dark yellow, the copper core is relatively strong, the anti-theft performance is better, the color of the lock core is dim, the color is gray and the bubble is zinc alloy, and the anti-theft performance is general.

The fourth measure: When selecting a motorcycle lock, if the lock is inserted into the lock cylinder in a semi-rotation state, the anti-theft effect is good. Conversely, if the key is rotated into the lock cylinder, the card has poor anti-theft performance, or after the key is half-inserted, use 5 to 7 minutes to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise and continue to press the key into the lock. The key of the card indicates the lock cylinder. Poor anti-theft performance.

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