Solution for fingerprint lock failure
addtime:2018/12/29 18:49:27

Fingerprint lock, as a fashion smart product, is convenient and safe. However, if it is used for a long time or improperly operated, it will inevitably have some small faults. Sometimes these faults may be some minor problems. Just a little simple operation, It can be solved. So what happens when the fingerprint lock fails? Please see some common troubleshooting steps below.

First, the LCD screen does not display or display an error:


1. Check the power supply and the connections of each part.

2. Contact the manufacturer's technical staff.

Second, press the fingerprint can not log in to unlock


1. Please log in another finger print. Choose to use better quality fingers (less wrinkles, no skin, clear fingerprints).

2, try to make the finger touch the area of ​​the collector a little larger, try to press the finger as flat as possible.

3, the finger is too dry, the scanner can not detect the finger, you can first wipe your forehead with your finger.

4. Clean the fingerprint collection window.

5. Log in as the password user.

Of course, in order to ensure that the life of the fingerprint lock in the home is longer, the performance is more stable. It is recommended to strictly follow the use requirements of the fingerprint lock to avoid some faults that affect its use!

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