6 aspects to pay attention to when buying locks
addtime:2018/12/29 18:47:38

Consumers should consider the following aspects before purchasing locks:

1. The place used and its importance. That is, consider using it in a street front door, hall door, room, bathroom or passageway to select a product that suits the desired function.

2. The environment, conditions and requirements for use. Should consider the advantages and disadvantages of the use of the environment, such as dry humidity, door structure, thickness, left or right door, inner door or outer door to prevent buying the wrong product.

3. Consider coordination with the decorative environment. According to your own preferences, the product should be considered for coordination and matching with its living room.

4. Consider the situation of family members to consider whether there are elderly people, children or disabled people in the family, and choose products that are convenient for him or her.

5. Considering the economic affordability combined with the family's economic situation, the economy can afford to buy high-end products, and the economy is less than ideal, and the products with lower grades can be selected. However, regardless of whether high-end or low-end products are selected, whether the strength of the production enterprises should be considered. Strong, quality is stable, it is recommended to choose products with well-known enterprises, to avoid causing financial losses and bring unnecessary troubles and troubles to daily life.

6, consider the dealer's reputation and service standards to prevent some dealers from their own interests, recommend some counterfeit, fake goods to consumers.

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