Motorcycle lock which is good, how to choose motorcycle lock
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Motorcycle locks are control centers and protective guards for motorcycles. The locks included in a motorcycle include electric door locks, fuel tank locks, tail box locks, and tool locks.

So how do motorcycle manufacturers choose a good motorcycle lock?

First: look at the surface smooth and smooth, flawless bumps, scratches, flash, burrs, cracks, casting vents and other defects that affect the appearance quality and performance of the lock.

Second: Check whether the electric door lock has clear gear position and good conduction, which is in line with the logic requirements.

Third: the protruding height of the tank lock relative to the upper surface of the tank should not exceed 15mm and its surface should be smooth. If it is larger than 15mm, there should be protection.

Fourth: The gauge measures whether the size meets the allowable tolerance range.

In addition, qualified manufacturers do some endurance tests, salt spray tests, and vibration tests.

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